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These Regulations were made under the provisions of law applicable in the territory of the Republic of Poland, and defines the general rules for the use of the website "", functioning at the internet address "".

The regulations set out the rights and obligations of users and the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Service.

To use the Service, the User must accurately familiarize oneself with the Regulations and accept them.

In matters not regulated by these Regulations, the provisions generally applicable in Polish law apply, in particular the Civil Code.


Concepts used in these Regulations mean the following:

Service or Portal - a web portal run by domain.

Users - Persons 18 or older, who by acceptance of the Terms and Regulations gain access to the use of the Service, or users that are registered users, or unregistered users 18 or older.

Regulations - This document defines the rules of use, in particular including the rights and obligations of Users and Service

Administrator - the person who manages the portal

General Principles.

Users of the Service may only be adults (age 18 and older)

To use the Service, User is to express consent to the Terms and Conditions. Your use of the Service indicates that the User is closely acquainted with the contents of the Rules and Regulations, and accepts and agrees to their provisions.

The service users can benefit by registering (registered users) or without registering (unregistered users). Service differs functionality for users, depending on whether you have registered.

Users who have not registered in accordance with the Regulations, can only browse the content of the Service or otherwise use the Service as anonymous users (without permanent, reserved for them pseudonym/nickname or any other similar designation).

Users, who have registered in accordance with the Regulations, can browse the site and post announcements and advertisements

The Regulations apply to all users, both registered and unregistered, and those users who use the service "" outside Polish territory.

Advertisements and notices placed on the Service site are non-binding and for informational purposes only. They do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and can not constitute grounds for any claim against the Service.

It is prohibited to use the Service in a manner inconsistent with its purpose.

Service does not participate in transactions between Users who use our resources, and is not a party or intermediary.

Service can not assure you that each of the parties involved act in good faith, and is not able to control the reliability of people using the Service. All liability arising from the use of the information contained on our sites lies with the User.

Advertisements or Ads:

Viewing and adding is free.

It is prohibited to use Ads for promotion or advertising of other websites.

Advertisements are added randomly.

Advertisements should be added in the appropriate categories. Ads assigned to the wrong category will be corrected or deleted by the Service Administrator.

Advertisements, before the appearance on the Service site, must be approved by the Administrator

Advertisements must be accompanied by at least 3 authentic and hi resolution pictures. The addition of low-quality images or those for which there is suspicion that they are not authentic will be deleted.


The user that adds advertisement/notice on the Service site takes full responsibility for its content, in particular, photographs and any other materials contained in it. The user bears the sole responsibility of the criminal and civil liability for actions undertaken by them in the Service.

Service also informs about the risk in making contacts with different Users.

By placing in the advertisement any information or materials, in particular images/pictures, certifies that it has exclusive rights to copyright, the current license to use, the right to their distribution, or the written consent of the owner of any proprietary material copyrights, trademarks, legally protected information to dispose of it.

It is forbidden to issue, distribute, any proprietary rights of copyright material, trademarks, or other legally protected, without the written consent of owner of such proprietary rights.

The user posting the advertisement declares that:

The information contained in its content is true and in no way affects the rights of third parties

Any harassment of other users of service, direct threats, or other activities prohibited by law, is unacceptable under these Regulations. In the event the above situation should take place, we would be forced to take appropriate legal action.

The user by placing the advertisement agrees to the following:

- Use by the editors, administrators or owners of site content, photos and contact information is for commercial purposes only.

- processing of your personal data for marketing purposes of the service.

- placing the address and / or logos on published photographs in the advertisement.

- correction of the content and / or removal of part of the notice by the administrator or moderator in order to improve or correct errors related to spelling and content published on the internet.

- Correction of the content and / or removal of part of the notice by the administrator or moderator in case of violations of the website’s regulations.

Users of the service site testify that they are of legal age and accept these rules.

In the event of failure to comply with the Regulations, the website administrator can:

- adjust the content of advertisement, so it remains in compliance with the regulations

- refuse publication

- remove the advertisement that violates regulations

- block possibility of submitting advertisements or materials

Violations of law, impersonating another person or other activities to the detriment of others will be reported to the authorities.


Service reserves the right not to replay and not to provide information or assistance to people behaving in a vulgar manner. This behavior can lead to future blockage, and the service reserves the right to delete your account on the portal.

The website administrator will make every effort to ensure that the registered users are properly protected, but can not guarantee 100% protection against loss due to technical failure or attempted theft.

Service does not resolve disputes between users. Any disagreements between users are solved on their own. Service is also not involved in any legal action related to the resolution of such disputes

Service is not responsible for:

- nature and content of the presented advertisements or related materials. Responsibility in this regard shall be borne by the user.

- any incorrect or inaccurate content arising in connection with the operation of users or resulting from use of the software.

- any consequences resulting from the use of service resources.

- behavior of any user of the portal - errors, omissions, interruption, deletion, delay in operation or transmission, the transmission line failure, theft or destruction, unauthorized access to user account - any problems arising from the technical error of any telephone network or lines, computer and web servers, or providers of Internet services, computer equipment, software, failure of email or players due to technical problems or internet congestion, or any other web site.

- Service is not liable to third parties whose rights (in particular personal rights, copyrights, or personal property) have been threatened or violated by posting advertisements on the Service site. Liability in this regard shall be borne by a Registered User of the Service, who posted the ad.

- portal assumes no responsibility for the moral and physical losses resulting from use of our services, other than as a direct result of our negligence.

- Service does not take any responsibility for any emotional or physical suffering, which you suffer as a result of participation or subscription to our service (including later in life)

Final provisions: Service reserves the right to unilaterally alter the terms of the Regulations at any time and without having to justify the reason. If you make changes to the Rules, Portal will immediately inform the users through the publication of the consolidated text of the Rules on the Site, or sending information about changes in the form of an email.

Condition for the further use of the Service, you agree to the regulations in their entirety, along with the changes introduced. After reading the new content of the Rules, you made the following declaration:

I declare that I have read the new wording of the Rules and agree to all its provisions. Submission of a statement is tantamount to a declaration of will to continue the contract with the Administrator. If you do not accept changes to the Rules, the user solves the agreement with the Administrator, which is equivalent to the blockage of the account.

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